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1,2,3 Get Ready! for School

123 Get Ready for School
123 Get Ready for School
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123 Get Ready for School
Imagine a summer of field trips and fun with family and friends that also helps build vital skills for the school year ahead. Designed for children with autism and communication difficulties, 1-2-3 Get Ready! is a easy-to-use kit containing all you need for a summer of skill-building fun to keep a child happy, busy and progressing toward Fall.

The program is organized into three sections: "Language-Building Field Trips", "Circle of Friends" that develops social skills and "Physical Fun and Games" to help improve a child's motor ability.

The 1,2,3, Get Ready! program workbook includes:

* 200+ picture symbols on heavy, coated stock * Handy storage pages * A packet full of Velcro dots and a Sharpie pen * Sturdy daily schedule * Materials for eight language-building field trips * Circle of Friends kit * Games and ideas to help build fine and gross motor skills, strength, flexibility, and the desire to interact.

By Mary D. Johnson and Gina Steinberger, SLP, 3-ring binder format