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FREE Autism Care Plan Communicates Needs in Acute Care Settings

FREE Autism Care Plan
FREE Autism Care Plan
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Download the free Autism Care Plan to share with your child's healthcare providers here.

Parents and guardians of children who have autism are encouraged to download and complete this Autism Care Plan that was developed by the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children.

The Autism Care Plan (ACP) was created by a committee of parents and educators of children with autistic spectrum disorders to address the non-medical needs of the patient with autism in the acute care settings.

The ACP is a three page document that should be completed by a patientís parent or guardian prior to a planned or unplanned hospital admission and identifies the patientís primary mode of expressive and receptive communication in order to enhance communication between the patient, the doctor, and hospital staff. Questions related to environmental adaptations and physical exam considerations are asked prior to the hospital stay to help the medical team to handle the sensory needs of a particular patient. Issues related to food, feeding, and allergy are clearly documented.

The MGH Autism Care Plan strives to ensure:

1) Appropriate and efficient patient care;

2) Patient and family satisfaction with hospital performance and services;

3) Reduced adverse outcomes in the inpatient setting.

Download the free Autism Care Plan to share with your child's healthcare providers here.

For more information about this Autism Care Plan, email myhospitalcareplan@gmail.com.