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Finally, an Affordable Multi-level Communicator

Big Button Communicator
Big Button Communicator
Item# 7AT-BIG-01-05
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days


Our cost-effective Big Button communicator is super easy to activate and offers many of the same features as popular Step-by-Step communicators. The Steps & Levels version expands the options so non-verbal children and adults can communicate and participate with just one touch.

Our Big Button communicator has two modes: single message and tap-to-talk mode. In single message mode, you get one great sounding communication. In tap-to-talk mode, the user can choose one of up to three messages, controlled by the number of button taps (similar to single- or double-clicking a computer mouse). One button tap plays the first message, two taps the second message, and three taps the third.

Big Button Single features:

• A single 48-second messageplus three 24-second messages in the tap-to-talk mode

The Big Button with Steps and Levels also has two modes: steps and levels. In the steps mode, you can record three activities, each with up to ten 6-second steps. After recording, you select an activity and the user plays the steps in sequence, one by one. An LCD indicates the activity and step number. The level mode gives you an additional ten distinct messages. The message stays the same until you change the level.

Big Button with Steps and Levels features:

• Ten levels—nine levels with 6 seconds recording time plus one level with 14 seconds

• Program three activities with up to ten steps each (6 seconds recording time per step)

• LCD readout

• 40 message capacity

Both models feature great sound with volume control, non-skid rubber feet, key hole for wall mounting, image storage slot on the back and 2 AAA batteries (included).

Use with our GoTalk Software to select and print out the symbols and words.