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Caregiver Cards - Visual Cue Cards for Adults with Dementia, Alzheimer's

Caregiver Cue Cards
Caregiver Cue Cards
Item# 7-CC-1
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Caregiver Cue Cards
Caregiver Cards use simple picture cues to improve communication, express feelings and emotions, reduce anxiety and enhance understanding for people with memory and cognitive challenges due to dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Caregiver Cards are an essential aid for helping adults understand and engage in activities at home or in residential care settings.

This easy-to-use, compact set of 75 cards includes black and white illustrations that prompt your loved one to understand and participate more independently in self-care and social activities. The deck includes 146 picture cues covering:

Basic Activities of Daily Living

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living


Commands & Prompts

Emotions and Feelings

Events, People and Places

Packaged as a deck of 76 cue cards, double sided, ring bound so it opens easily to the desired color-coded section. Cards are laminated so they can be wiped clean. Blank cards are provided so you can add other specific center or activity cues.

Learn more. Watch the Caregiver Cards video on YouTube.