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Help Older Adults Communicate Using Picture Boards

ISPEEK Elderly & Adult Care Symbol Software CD
ISPEEK Elderly & Adult Care Symbol Software CD
Item# 7-IS-Elderly
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ISPEEK Elderly & Adult Care Symbol Software CD
ISPEEK Elderly & Adult symbols are ideal for use with adults and elderly loved ones who have temporary or prolonged impairment of speech, language and communication including aphasia, dementia; stroke, trauma; dyspraxia, ALS and other progressive muscular disorders. Imported from the UK.

This software CD makes it easy to create customized adult communication boards for loved ones and clients using more than 800 picture symbol images created especially to meet the care needs of adults and the elderly. Includes 27 templates to help adults express themselves.

Picture Contents:

1. SOMETHING TO SAY -Questions, commands, opinions and statements; being heard.

2. FEELINGS AND EXPRESSIONS -Emotions and letting people know how you feel about things.

3. WANTS, NEEDS AND REMINDERS -Choices, expressing wishes and everyday prompts.

4. FOOD AND DRINKS -Meals, snacks, single items and drinks.

5. HEALTH AND COMFORT -Medicines, conditions, pain and well being.

6. OBJECTS AND TIMES - Things we need and use each day. When things are done.

7. ACTIONS AND PLACES -Movement, activities and where things are.

8. CALENDAR AND SYMBOLS -A visual calendar with all the symbols and words; ready-to-print and use.

9. TEMPLATES FOR THE IMAGES -Includes twenty seven templates and charts to use with the pictures, some ready-to-print and some for importing the images into first.

Images are in JPEG, PNG, PDF and Microsoft Word formats, and the CD-ROM is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Create printed communication boards or use with our durable Large Communication Book.