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Communication Tools for Everyday Living CD

SALE! Teach2Me Everyday Living Symbols CD
SALE! Teach2Me Everyday Living Symbols CD
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SALE! Teach2Me Everyday Living Symbols CD
This CD from Teach2Me contains 65 pre-made communication boards made with Boardmaker Picture Communication symbols. But you don't need Boardmaker to use it - simply view and print them as PDFs! Perfect for use at home and school where Boardmaker is not available.

Each pre-made board includes 2" symbols for easy viewing and selection. More than 500 PCS symbols can also be used for making PECs - print, laminate and cut apart the symbols to make personalized schedules.

Topic boards cover important signs, grooming, social/ emotional needs, meals times, community activities, school schedules, toileting and behavior management.

Click for CD contents (PDF)

"Teach2Me provides a wealth of resources available with a simple click on the computer. The materials are well organized and provide teachers with a foundation for developing highly individualized teaching materials for students requiring visual clarity to their daily routine, specific activities, and learning." Tammi W, Education Specialist

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