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Simple and Effective Eye Gaze Communication Aid

Eye Gaze Flip Frame
Eye Gaze Flip Frame
Item# 7GG-EGFF
Optional Board Set: 
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Eye Gaze Flip Frame
Our low tech Eye Gaze Flip Frame is designed for functional communication with family and caregivers. Ideal for users with who have motor limitations such as stroke, ALS, quadriplegia, Rett Syndrome, cerebral palsy or stroke. Created with special educator Kate Ahern, M Ed, for her students, this Eye Gaze Flip Frame gives users with limited head movement the ability to express their care needs. Ideal for assessing if the user is a candidate for a high tech eye gaze device or as a back-up communication method.

The Flip Frame kit includes 5 heavy-duty plastic picture-holder frames with the center cut out for easy viewing of your user's eyes. The image frames are held together by colorful metal rings so you can flip them over to show up to 10 topical pages. Each page can display 4-8 symbols or pictures.

Insert your own pictures or use our optional pre-made boards with familiar picture symbols:

Patient Care Set: Ideal for hospitalized patients with short term or long term speech limitations. Includes pictures related to patient care, positioning, pain, feelings, visitors and environmental controls.

Adult ADLs Set: comments, feelings, foods, drinks, activities, people, places, dressing, pain management, personal care

Child Set: Comments, Feelings, Food, Drinks, Activities, People, Places, Toys, Dressing, Colors

Thanks for this wonderful low tech eye gaze frame product. It is a very effective product. Many individuals can use it while waiting for a high tech device, which can take a long time, and also as a back up communication method for when the device is not working. Joan Santon, SLP