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Say it with Symbols!

Free Communication Boards, Symbols, Social Stories & More!

Free Stuff
Here's a collection of free materials we've found or created to help kids with speech disorders communicate at home and in the community. When you're ready to make your own materials, be sure sign up to receive our special offers and announcements via email and our Facebook page.

Featured Free Resource of the Month:

Free Autism Care Plan developed by the Lurie Center at the Mass. General Hospital for Children to share with your child's healthcare providers.

Selected Searches on Communication Aids from One Place for Special Needs:

Communicating at Home - Free communication boards to use at home

Health Visual Supports – Free visuals about health concerns

Hygiene Visual Supports – Free visuals about personal hygiene

Picture Symbol Resources – Over 200 free pre-made picture symbol supports

School Visual Supports – Free visuals to support your child at school

Social Stories- Over 150 free social stories on a variety of topics

Toilet Training Visual Supports – free visuals for toilet training your child

Visual Recipes – Free picture symbol recipes

The following symbol sets are FREE (yes free) for personal use or trial:

Pre-made Visual Supports which include include pictures

Pogo Boards - free 14 day online trial

ARASSAC symbols

Pictograms at Pecs for All

Symbols from Straight-Street.com

Free symbol search from Slater Software

Free board making software and symbols from Quick Pics

Free social stories, pre-made cards, boards and more:

Gateway to Jewish Education Resource Bank - Picture and symbol supported holiday stories and social stories about celebrating Passover, Purim, Shabbat.

Print Version of Talk to Me 100 - Download a free print version of the portable and affordable Talk to Me 100 voice output device for early language learners.

Slater Software offer free picture-supported social stories

UseVisualStrategies.com offers free printable emotion and behavior cards

Sandbox Learning - Sign up for their email newsletter to receive free sample personalized social stories

Visual Aids for Learning - Download free pre-made picture-based boards for school, early childhood, home, toilet training

Dentist Visit Visual Schedule PDF (b&w) See also: Dentist Visit Laminated Boards

Free Boardmaker Downloads from the Prekindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities in Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Therapy Games from SpeakingofSpeech.com

Comix Stories - Free comic strip generator that's great for creating scripts to teach communication, behavior, social skills and more. Fab idea!

Breakfast Menu - Half page menu of kids breakfast items.(click on the link to download a PDF)

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Choice Board
- Full page topic board with riding choices and feelings.(click on the link to download a PDF)

Boardmaker Share - Mayer-Johnson's board sharing/community site, must have Boardmaker to use the files

Boardmaker Wikispace

List of links to free Boardmaker activities and materials from Kate Ahern's blog, Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs

Free Picture Cards from do2Learn.com - Including self-help, activities, home and school, social, safety and calendar

Kids Can Dream website - free social stories and PECs stuff gathered by a sister of two brothers with autism.

Photosyms - free software to make PECs symbols from digital photos.

AAC Therapy Materials from Gail Van Tatenhove

Call Centre Resources

Children With Special Needs- PECS Downloads

do2learn Educational Resources for Special Needs

Games for All for BoardMaker for PC Version 5

Jefferson Public School - Augmentative Alternative Communication boards

SET-BC -PictureSET, membership required

SIP - Resources and Practice boards and materials

Speakingofspeech.com Materials Exchange - Improving Communication Skills in Schools

TalkingWords Inc. - Tools to Help You Teach Children With Autism Language