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We'd love to hear from you! Please email us with your comments, thoughts or any ideas you may have about our selection of visual supports that support individuals with speech disorders.

Read what Giving Greetings' customers and professionals have to say below about our products and service!

"I just wanted to thank you for having the kind of materials that my elderly mother can use to communicate since her stroke. I searched the web for materials for days and had almost given up hope at finding anything made for people in my mom’s situation. You really provide a wonderful service to a very small niche of people in need."

Pamela L, family member

"After reading a recent post from you on the PACT yahoo group, I followed the link to your site and was very impressed. I really appreciate your putting together such a complete and needed resource for others. Thank you!"

Faye S.

"The product line Randi Sargent offers AAC users, families, and professionals are so functional and creative. From the simple personalized name stamps to the varied collection of easy-to-use display systems, these tools from Say It With Symbols offer teams practical solutions for real-life. It is one of the resources that I consistently share with teams in both my consultations and training sessions!"

Phyl T. Macomber, Assistive Technology Specialist, www.PracticalATSolutions.com

"Thank you very much for checking in about my order. I appreciate the customer service you guys always provide. Thank You!"

Cara F, parent, MA

"Your site continues to grow! Very impressive. I've shared your site with many in my workshops as your products are certainly unique.....and so appropriate for those in the AAC world."

Pat Mervine, Speech Pathologist, SpeakingofSpeech.com

"I love your site and in fact, I included it in a compilation called AAC Resources for Families. It fit perfectly in the chapter: Connecting with others! You are right on target with your efforts to increase awareness. Your work is so important to the AAC community and the disability community at large."

Pam H, parent, IL

"Great site for anyone touched by special needs. It was easy to place my order and the merchandise arrived promptly. I would order from this site again in a heartbeat."

Kelli Y, parent, TX

About our older products:

"Thanks for this great website. I just ordered 4 mugs and 1 set of personalized nurse cards. Your timing is excellent. End of year gifts are always a challenge."

Laurie B, parent, NJ

"I purchased three sets of Holiday Picture Symbol Greeting cards because I am a special educator and wanted to share with others a part of what I do. The cards and other items on the website are phenomenal! I was very impressed with the products they offer because I have not been able to find others of the same kind. The cards arrived promptly and in good condition. I also ordered the gift pack for another teacher as a Christmas gift!

Jennifer H, Special Educator, NC

"I only send Symbolic Sentiments cards. In addition to the Birthday, Cheer, etc., I use Thinking of You and Wishing you Blue Skies...for get well, sympathy., everything. I've sent them all around the country. Thanks so much!"

Ruth A, Speech Pathologist, MA

"Perfect gifts for the special needs teacher and professionals. Quality was great and order arrived fast and was accurate. Lots of selection to choose from. Definitely two thumbs up--it made my holiday shopping less stressful by finding that unique gift that I have not seen elsewhere. I am so glad that I found your site and I know the recipients of the cards will be very happy this holiday season!"

Michelle W, parent of an autistic 4 year old, NJ

"Can't wait to see the new teacher and SLP gifts!! You always do such a nice job and it makes me look good to the recipient!! Thanks!"

Karren H, parent, NY

"I have not ordered yet, but my first time looking at the site I was very impressed! Your prices seem reasonable, and the variety you have for gifts is great. I have some perfect gift ideas for collegues and I LOVE the valentines! Thank you for caring so much."

Mari Beth J, Special Ed Teacher, OH

"Randi's cards and stationery are always a hit with my son's teachers and therapists. The products are appreciated and actually used by these hardworking people who are overrun with lotions, candles, soaps and what not at gift giving times.

Thanks for offering a valuable service. The cards and gifts also raise awareness about autism and other communication disabilities."

Christine B, parent, NJ

"I love it that I can give gifts that have some meaning to them!"

Kim C, parent, MA

"Just thought I'd let you know that my order arrived safe and sound. The note cards look great and I'm sure that my son's teachers and therapist are just going to be thrilled with them. Thanks again."

Michele S, parent, MA

"Thanks so much for making and sending the order so promptly. It is lovely to be able to give such a meaningful gift to the people who work with our children. The significance of PCS is especially appropriate ...Well done for producing such an inspired and high quality product!"

Niamh S, parent, CA and Ireland

"Thanks for doing these so professionally. They were a big hit as end of the year teacher gifts. I plan to use them alot and to tell my friends."

Diane C, parent, CT

"I am not a parent, but I actually just make it a point to order gifts and cards and things like that from places that support good causes...I was so excited to see your cards on the auction, it was a natural buy for me. I love them. I think they are very creative. I just feel like everything I can do, even it's a little thing, might make a difference."

Christine K, MA

"Using Mayer-Johnson symbols on greeting cards is just a marvelous idea. Thank you so much for thinking of it. We are so happy to spread the word about communication difficulties and support the FCSN at the same time -- all by sending your very lovely cards."

Margaret O, parent, MA

"Your products look wonderful. As a parent of an autistic daughter I'm always looking for ways to inform and educate others. I also have a daughter who teaches sp ed and will be sharing this info with her."

Karen K, Parent, NY

"I am so pleased that you made these wonderful cards. I applaud your effort to introduce the general public to picture symbols. I teach children with Autism and I have always used the picture symbols in my classroom. So many regular ed. teachers have become interested in these symbols as most children are visual learners. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all teachers used the Mayer-Johnson symbols in their classroom in general? Inclusion would truly be a way of life. Thanks for all that you do.

Jennifer P, Special Ed. Teacher, GA

"I got the cards and put them out. They are great and I love them for the store. My thanks to you for having them, making them, offering them to the customers through me."

Marie, The Children's Book Shop, Brookline MA

"I discovered your site through the Schafer Autism Report and sent it to everyone I know who has or teaches children with PCS. I have 3 sons with Autism and I plan on ordering their birthday party invitations from your site so that when I invite all the other autistic children in their classes they can read it and realize they are invited to Austin's party. I also plan on ordering these for Christmas gifts for my son's teachers, OT's and PT's. They use PCS in their classrooms. This is an awesome site."

Lori C, Parent, CA

"Hi! Wanted to let you know how much I love my cards! I have used them a lot at the start of the school year and got received such great feedback!"

Phyl M, Speech & Language Pathologist, VT

"I just received my cards and they look terrific! I'll have to show them to the 3 other SLP's and who knows, you may get another order!!! Thanks Randi!!

Tim B, Speech & Language Pathologist, IA

“I received the package yesterday. I LOVE everything! I thought your prices were very reasonable and your products are unique and wonderful. Thank you!

Alexia M, parent, CA

"I am very happy I found this website. I will be sharing with friends and family."

LaTaushia E, parent, Alaska

"The cards you created for me look awesome, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again for all your efforts and patience."

Kathleen M, MA

"I love your cards! So does everyone that I send them to!!"

Helen M, Parent, MA

"I recently purchased several items at a recent conference. We use Boardmaker pictures with the children at our school all the time, so I was so impressed and thrilled with the cards and stationery. I can't wait to order more!!! I am so looking forward to receiving the Spring catalog/brochure!!"

Loreen C, Preschool Teacher

“Just wanted to let you know that Jack’s teachers loved the note cards that he gave them for graduation. They thought they were very thoughtful and unique – they had never received anything like that before. And, they knew they would come in handy throughout the year…”

Linda B, Parent, MA

“Thanks a million for these note cards – I love them! ...because your design is so attractive.”

Polly H, Special Ed Assistant, MA

"What a great idea!" Amy, Parent, CA