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He Talks Funny - Explaining Apraxia to Kids and Adults

NEW! He Talks Funny
NEW! He Talks Funny
Item# 978-1-4520-2595-7
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A really nice book written and illustrated by parent Jeanne Buesser that explains and advocates for kids with apraxia. He Talks Funny is about a child with special needs who has a neurological speech disorder and cannot be understood when he talks. How his mother helps educate his camp counselor and camp mates about her son's disability is the essence of the boy's acceptance into camp.

Learn more about it at the He Talks Funny website.

The story teaches the reader about this condition which many people are unaware of, especially children. I applaud Jeanne for raising the awareness of this through a children's story. There is a stigma attached to these kinds of disabilities; people tend to think that children like this are not smart. This important point is mentioned in the story. Well done. SHAHIDUN RAHMAN ,Author of "Ibrahim - Where on the spectrum does he belong?