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Picture Labels Enhance Safety and Independence in the Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and Doorways

Memory Labels for Men & Women
Memory Labels for Men & Women
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Memory Labels for Men & Women
Our new visual Memory Labels help loved ones with dementia, memory and cognitive challenges find their way and manage independently and safety in familiar environments. Picture labels help adults and children confidently find and remember the location of common items without the need for annoying verbal reminders or asking for help. Ideal for helping people with dementia, Alzheimer's, brain injury, autism and developmental disabilities independently find and replace their items in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Also assists caregivers!

Our labels feature simple colorful picture symbols along with the words to improve understanding. Each sheet of Picture Labels includes 12 labels to identify the hidden contents behind drawers, closets, doors and more. Also included are safety reminders when leaving the house such as LOCK DOOR, Close Windows, Warm Coat.

Stick the pre-cut, non-glare labels on drawers, cabinets and doors as a visual cue to what's inside. Non-gloss labels are 1.5" x 4". Our removable label adhesive will not harm paint or woodwork. Choose from removable or permanent stick above.

Each set includes 6 pre-printed sheets with 70+ labels plus one blank sheet to write your own words (choose gender above):

Bedroom (dresser and closet)




Safety Reminders

“These labels are wonderful and easy to use. They peel right off furniture, leaving no marks. As a member of a new group home, it has also been helpful for staff to see where items go in my daughters room when assisting her." J. Clapper, parent

We offer quantity discounts for residences and schools. Call us at 1-866-544-9540 for pricing.