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Picture-based Heath Care Communication Aids Improve Patient Care

For Better Health Care
Family members who cannot speak due to stroke, brain injury, autism or other disability, experience greater stress and anxiety during their hospital stays. A study found that using healthcare communication boards with care-related pictures and symbols improved patient satisfaction, reduced frustration, and improved outcomes for adults who have difficulty speaking or reading. The Joint Commission now recommends that hospitals and rehab facilities offer communication aids to improve patient-provider communication for patients who need them. Proactively ask for them or to be sure, bring your own!

Here is a selection of no tech, easy-to-use communication aids related to healthcare that can be used by children and adults who are able to point to symbols, pictures or letters to direct their care and express their needs. These picture-based cmmunication aids can also be used with patients who do not speak English. These aids are helpful for use during hospital stays, post-op, in the emergency room, ICU or doctor's office. Several are available in multiple languages.

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