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Vidatak's Healthcare Picture Communication Boards for Patients

Vidatak Communication Boards in English & Spanish
Vidatak Communication Boards in English & Spanish
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Vidatak Communication Boards in English & Spanish
Vidatak EZ Boards with easy-to-understand picture symbols is a printed communication board created especially for patients. Supported by clinical research from Children's Hospital, Boston, these picture boards improved patient satisfaction, reduced frustration, and enhanced patient outcomes.

Used by nurses and caregivers in hospitals, rehab and nursing care facilities, this picture symbol-based communication board gives "voice" to children and adults who need to communicate their healthcare needs without speaking, or require translation.

Vidatak's popular EZ communication board with medical symbols is lightweight and durable. The individual simply points to the appropriate symbol (with words in English) or uses a non-toxic marker to mark it. All marks are easily erased with a moist tissue paper. Each board is printed on large 17" x 11" dry erase board, two-sided, and comes individually shrink-wrapped with a dry-erase marker. Symbols are large, 1.5" square.

Use drop down arrow above to see quantity discounts. Vidatak Patient Communication Boards are also available in English, Spanish and many other languages. Email us to request a quote. Purchase orders accepted at 1-857-288-7734.

"My husband wanted to talk but the tracheotomy was making it difficult, so only sounds came out. When the EZ Board arrived, you have no idea how it made me feel. My heart was happy and tears of joy came, knowing that you cared enough to help my husband communicate with all of us." —Wife of a patient