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Pre-made Boardmaker Picture Symbol Card Sets for PECs

PCS / PECs Card Sets
PCS / PECs Card Sets
Item# 7MJ-M285-8
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PCS / PECs Card Sets
Ideal for use with the Picture Exchange Communciation System (PECs), each pre-made Picture Communication Card set from Mayer-Johnson includes 225 2 inch plastic laminated Boardmaker symbols. Each card features the color symbol on one side and black and white on the revere side. Corners are rounded for safety.

Use these pre-made PECs for creating schedules, job charts, sentence strips and more and attach them anywhere to encourage communication. No software or laminating required! Save on bundles!

Set 1- Designed for young children, Set I includes vocabulary of many foods, entertainment items, animals and grooming items.

Set 2 - Vocabulary cards in the same categories as in Set 1, Set 2 also includes vocabulary for the classroom.

Set 3 - Designed for use in classroom activities, includes vocabulary for the weather, the calendar, body parts, clothing, colors, letters, numbers and more.

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