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Say it with Symbols!

Symbolic Sentiments™ - Note Cards that Speak for Kids Who Can't

Symbolic Sentiments™ Cards
Thank you for your support over the years but we no longer sell our Symbolic Sentiments note cards made with Mayer-Johnson picture symbols.

You may download our popular Many Thanks note card FREE below and print them out to share with educators and others who have helped your along your journey. Enjoy!

Love these note cards? I am looking for someone or an organization to take over this fun and meaningful opportunity to support awareness for children with special needs and communication disorders. It would be a wonderful home-based business or microbusiness for adults with special needs. Email Randi for more information.


For children with special needs including autism, colorful picture symbols speak louder than words. Our exclusive Symbolic Sentiments™ note cards and holiday cards feature familiar Mayer-Johnson's Boardmaker™ Picture Communication Symbols used by children with communication challenges around the world to express their needs and wants.

By sending our handcrafted cards, you help promote awareness for thousands of children with autism and other developmental disabilities who rely on picture symbols and other forms of augmentative communication to communicate and learn. The back side of each card includes a description of speaking with symbols.

Symbolic Sentiments note cards have been shared with thousands of families, teachers and therapists to promote awareness and acceptance for children with communication challenges. Proceeds from these cards have been donated to organizations that support children with special needs.