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Say it with Symbols!

NEW! Symbols for Life™ Pics Make Documents Easier to Understand

Symbols for Life Images
Symbols for Life Images
Item# 7-SFL
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Symbols for Life Images
Symbols for Life™ makes information easier for young adults and teens with developmental disabilities to read and understand. This new collection contains over 2,500 specifically-designed, realistic photographs and symbols relating to key elements of daily living.

Use these clear and realistic photographs of objects, places, and emotions to help young adults activitly participate in their daily schedules, transition plans and person-centered life plans. The pictures are organized by category on delivered on a USB drive or CD.

Agencies can use these images to create easy-to-read documents, websites, and newsletters for their clients. The images are royalty-free so they can be used over and over. Multi-copy discounts available to agencies. Contact us at 1-866-544-9540 for more information.

Learn more about how to make life plans and schedules easy to read.