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Teach Temperature with Our Visual Thermometer!

Teaching Temperature Thermometer
Teaching Temperature Thermometer
Item# 7-LW-25AT
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Teaching Temperature Thermometer
SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This visual Apparel Indicating Weather Thermometer shows kids and adults (and teenagers!) "what to wear out there!" Its patented design makes it the perfect tool for teaching temperature and how to dress appropriately for the weather.

The brightly colored thermometer's needle points to pictures of what clothes are appropriate for the current temperature. It's large size (12 inch diameter) make it visible from inside locations. Use at home, school or center to teach how to dress independently.

Coat Weather: - 40° to 40°

Jacket Weather: 40° to 60°

Shirt & Pants Weather: 60° to 75°

Shorts Weather: 75° and up

Winner for the Olmstead Product Award! The Apparel Indicating Weather Thermometer was tested by the Congress Against the Exploitation of Disabled Persons, who determined that, "THIS PRODUCT IS RECOMMENDED FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES AND ELDERLY PERSONS WHO WISH TO LIVE INDEPENDENTLY."