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Visualize Time with a Time Timer!

Time Timer 8"
Time Timer 8"
Item# 7TT-8
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Time Timer 8"
Time Timers help children and adults of all abilities understand the abstract concept of elapsed time. Use a Time Timer to help anticipate transitions, manage activity time and help children and adults visualize how much time left to play, clean up or get ready for the next activity. Great for home, school or in rehab settings.

How it Works - Time Timer's bright red disk diminishes as time elapses until there is no red visible and the task is finished. A clear cover protects the timer face or flips open to serve as a stand. Use a visual depiction only, or use the sound to signal the end of a timed session. Our 8 inch timer is ideal for use in classrooms, clinics or residential settings.

"I want to thank you for such a great concept - this timer is priceless in my son's preschool with the children as well as at home. Visualization of time before learning us great when children anticipate an event, or when its time to pick them up..." - Parent