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A Handy Aid for Non-Verbal Patients, Available in English & Spanish

Visually Speaking: A Visual Guide for Non-Verbal Patients
Visually Speaking: A Visual Guide for Non-Verbal Patients
Item# 7-PESI-VisuallySpeaking
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Visually Speaking: A Visual Guide for Non-Verbal Patients
This compact guide was specifically designed for caregivers and healthcare professionals who want to provide the best care for their patients who cannot speak due to aphasia, stroke, dementia and other disorders that limit effective speech. Use this easy-to-use booklet to alleviate the daily frustrations and communication challenges that can occur between patients and caregivers in hospitals, rehab care and nursing homes, hospice centers or while recovering at home. Available in English and Spanish.

This concise guide, developed by Evelyn Trimble, a licensed nursing assistant, helps patients communicate their own comments and choices by pointing to these clear illustrations (and words) on 12 personal topics:

1. Feelings and Emotional State

2. How You Feel

3. What You Need

4. What Activities You Would Like to Do

5. What You Would Like to Eat

6. What You Would Like for a Snack/Drink

7. What You Would Like Someone to Know

8. What You May Be Worried About

9. What you May Be Wondering

10. Common Word You Might Use

11. Your Own Words (blank so it can be personalized)

12. Words of Encouragement

Compact size: 6" x 10", 14 wipeable pages on 7 double-sided cards. Ring-bound so it opens easily and can hang conveniently at the nursing station or patient's bedside.

Also available: Spelling Communication Board

Volume discounts available. Call us at 1-866-544-9540 for pricing.