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Say it with Symbols!

Portable Wristband Communicator Takes Symbols on the Go!

Wrist Wrap Communicator
Wrist Wrap Communicator
Item# 7GG-WWC
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This comfortable, low tech communication aid is worn on the wrist of kids or adults, instructors and caregivers who need visual reminders and picture symbols with them in the school, home or recreational settings.

The stretchy, terry cloth wristband is approx. 6" long and has three clear plastic pockets that hold up to three different communication boards at a time. One size fits most adults.

Slide communication boards inside for communicating on the go. Each pre-made boards include eight symbols, 1" symbols. Boards faciliate communication for socializing, commenting, places, friends, feelings and more. Choose from the follow pre-made optional board sets:

Adult: Comments, Pain Management, Activities, Places, Socializing, Emotions, Feelings

Child: Commands, Play Activities, Outside Play, School Places, Socializing, Emotions, Comments

Horseback Riding: Comments, Riding Commands, Emotions, Actions, Places